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Great Fundraiser For All Non-Profit Organizations All Year Long

April 28, 2016

Need Help Raising Funds for Your Organization?

At Nicholas Markets Foodtown, not only are we focused on providing the highest quality products and service, but our supermarkets in N.J. also strive to give back to the communities that we serve. Fundraising for an organization  or cause can be quite a difficult task, but with the Nicholas Markets Gift Cards Program, it is much simpler than you think! Not only will you be able to sell the cards at face value, but you can get opportunities to get discounts that go back to your organization.

Sell over $1000, and receive a 5% discount back to your organization
Take advantage of the one time only offer and purchase $5000 or more to receive a 10% discount

The perks do not stop there, your members will also take advantage of:

  • Low Shelf Prices at Foodtown
  • Great Sale Prices in our Weekly Flyer
  • They will earn towards a free turkey for Thanksgiving as they always do.

If you are interested in fundraising with us or want to learn more about our grocery store's involvement in the local community, Contact Nicholas Markets Foodtown today!