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Get Your Nicholas Markets Club Card Today

The Must-Have Card for Shopping at Your Local Grocery Store

Want an easy way to save big the next time you visit Nicholas Markets Foodtown? Sign up for a club card!

As a leading N.J. supermarket, we are pleased to offer a complimentary club card to anyone interested at our convenient locations in North Haledon, Washington Township, Colonia, and Cedar Grove. Just complete the enrollment application here to receive your card. Each time you visit Nicholas Markets Foodtown, simply scan your card at checkout and you'll receive discounts and other special deals.

When you join this club, not only will you know when double and triple coupon events take place, but you can also opt in to receive period newsletters and email promotions. Because we care about your family, the card can also be linked to Upromise.com so you can set up college fund contributions for your child/children.

Here’s an added bonus: If your keys are ever lost, the keychain card also serves as a way to identify your keys and return them to you.

For any questions about the club card program, feel free to contact your local grocery store today.